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Cost-Effective, Vibrant, Engaging!

Web Marvels is a boutique digital marketing agency specialising in building a strong web presence for small businesses. The business is directed by Mark Andrews, an experienced business manager qualified in Engineering and Business Management. He understands small business and brings a unique perspective to serve your needs.
While focused on digital content delivery, Mark can adeptly advise you on business issues such as strategy, branding, competition and supply chain.


The foundation of a digital presence, your website needs to tell customers where to find you, what value you can provide for them, and how you will deliver it.

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More importantly than facilitating online and physical media advertising, we give you the tools to assess their value. This allows you to direct scare funds to where they provide the best value.

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Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Google Business. All help build a presence that identifies your business as contemporary, active and with a message to be heard.

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Video & Photography

This is where Web Marvels stands out. Since developing black and white photos in a darkened laundry with my father in the 70s, I have embraced the art of photography as a powerful tool for branding and presenting your business to your customers looking its best. With professional photographic equipment, lighting and post-production effects, I make your business shine!

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Branding & Identity

Let us understand your business and goals so that we can support the communication of this to your customers. We have partners to develop the full complement of business imagery, from logos and signage to shop colours and styling.

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Our agency in numbers

We started trading in 2011 with just one customer – helping a friend to promote their health clinic. They sold that and opened a new clinic, and we then had two customers. Word of mouth and some opportunistic sales calls and by 2017 we hit the 50 customer mark.

Our strengths?

P e r s o n a l s e r v i c e.
T h e w i s d o m o f e x p e r i e n c e.
V a l u e f o r m o n e y.


Years of experience and success

Celebrating 12 years in November 2023, the business has grown and allowed investment in the best services for customers; virtual private servers for web hosting performance and security, modern templates upon which to build websites, and search engine optimisation built-in, not bolted-on!


Satisfied clients

Word of mouth is the most effective advertising and Web Marvels has prospered by our customers telling their friends that we were the ones who would take the time to understand their business, provide effective results, and do so cost-effectively.


Websites Active Now

In addition to our popular directory websites, we have 25 live websites demonstrating our cost-effective rates and Google-friendly designs.


Trusted Partnerships

When we need to outsource work, we rely on a close network of experts who complement our skill set.
Graphic Developers, Server Hosts, Domain Hosts, Security Plugins, Template Providers and Backup Providers. We partner with the best in breed to give you confidence.